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Vibe Barre Basics

VIBE Barre Basics

A perfect place to not only learn the basics of barre technique but also to get an amazing full body, zero impact, & moderately paced workout. Highly recommended for those new to the barre method to learn proper alignment and familiarize yourself with the terminology. 55 minutes

Vibe Barre Class

VIBE Barre

Our classic, low impact barre class to reshape and sculpt your body. We incorporate body weight as resistance, combined with small hand weights, straps, and the ballet barre to perform high repetitions which overload the muscle. Followed by stretching to create a leaner, longer-looking, more graceful physique. No matter your barre skill level, this class will offer a challenge for the whole body and mind. 55 minutes

Vibe Sculpt Class

VIBE Sculpt

Sculpt is a step up from our traditional Barre class and is a great way to apply the VIBE technique with longer holds, deeper stretches, and higher-intensity movements. The class is still low-impact but is designed to make you feel the burn! 55 minutes

Vibe Sweat Class

VIBE Sweat

An energetic, high intensity barre cardio class. Short cardio intervals mixed in with barre work for about 45 minutes with the last 10 minutes of class reserved for stretching. Modifications are available so that anyone can join us to get their heart pumping!

55 minutes

Vibe Express Class

VIBE Express

A quickie VIBE Barre class. Perfect for those wanting to get moving during their lunch break. Quick transitions between tracks with less time explaining the movements.

45 minutes

Vibe Private Classes

Private Classes

We often host private classes for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, or social group events. Private classes start at $95 and can be completely customized!

Vibe Bootcamp Class


Energetic, high intensity strength training and toning class. Total body focus every time with exercises designed to increase strength, mobility and overall fitness. 55 minutes

Vibe Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt

Our yoga flow class with intervals of cardio and weight training. Low impact, high intensity intervals suitable for all levels. Modifications always available! 55 minutes

Vibe Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow

Lengthen and strengthen while connecting movements to your breath. Modifications are taught and welcomed for all levels. 55 minutes

Kickboxing Basics

Our yoga flow class with intervals of cardio and weight Kickboxing Basics teaches the fundamentals of Muay Thai Kickboxing while incorporating Cardio and Strength Training with real world application. No experience necessary, all fitness levels. This class has a focus on women’s self defense. Participants will learn defensive movement, punches, and kicks, and will practice real striking with an instructor (with no striking to the student.) 55 minutes

Studio Policies-

No Show & Cancellation– We totally get that things come up and you can’t get your VIBE on. If you have reserved your space in class {and we recommend that you do}, please cancel at least 2 hours in advance to avoid being charged any cancellation fees.

What to Bring?– Prepare to feel the heat so bring a small workout towel and water! The preferred studio attire is leggings {capri length or longer} & grippy socks. Since the VIBE workout is done without shoes, socks will keep your feet in place and everything clean.  You can shop our store for cute socks! Barefoot is also acceptable.  

Classes & Packages– Classes/ packages are non-refundable and all sales final so be sure to get your booty to class!